Unanimous AI Introduces Its On-Demand SaaS Platform Swarm That Amplifies Business Decision-Making With Artificial Intelligence

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Unanimous-AI-Introduces-Its-On-Demand-Saas_Platform-Swarm-That-Amplifies-Business-Decision-Making-With-Artificial-Intelligence Unanimous AI Introduces Its On-Demand SaaS Platform Swarm That Amplifies Business Decision-Making With Artificial IntelligenceUnanimous AI, a San Francisco-based tech firm that strengthens the intelligence of human groups utilizing Artificial Intelligence algorithms, has announced the beta launch of Swarm, an on-demand Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for intensifying business decision-making with AI.  The company’s platform leverages swarm intelligence, a biological phenomenon in which groups of organisms such as birds, bees, and fish create closed-loop systems to generate insights.

Unanimous AI’s Swarm used by team members of marketers, salespeople, accountants, executive, HR representatives, analysts, influencers, and others that log into Swarm through a web browser using a mobile device or PC and collectively try to move the cursor toward the answer to a question. That algorithm then comes to the conclusion of Swarm members’ convictions based on their cursor motion and consider their contributions accordingly. According to a study by Stanford University School of Medicine, Unanimous AI’s system diagnosed pneumonia considerably more precise with 22 percent more to be accurate than a team of radiologists working separately and reduced errors by 33 percent. Stirred by the intelligence amplification effects which arise within flocks of birds, schools of fish, and swarms of bees, Unanimous allows folks to attain similar benefits by framing artificial swarms online.

The has deployed swarm-based technologies through a Cloud-based server that allows online communities to answer questions, reach decisions, and make predictions by considering together as a unified intelligence. This process has been demonstrated generating significantly improved decisions, estimations, predictions, and forecasts, as illustrated when foreseeing major events like the Kentucky Derby, Stanley Cup, the Oscars, the Presidential Elections, and the World Series. It also offers Swarm Insight and Swarm IQ, which both on-demand intelligence services utilizing their SaaS platform, named Swarm.