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Unavoidable Circumstances While Moving To HANA

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Unavoidable-Circumstances-While-Moving-To-HANA-300x129 Unavoidable Circumstances While Moving To HANABeing in computing database and in-memory database makes it impossible to separate SAP’s dream for Cloud from HANA. While migrating customers to use HANA as an innovation, applications and cloud platform the company is also aiming to run its core solutions on it. Customers have to take several contemplations into account while making the transition to HANA as it is an exclusive and multipart affair.


Some are noted bellow:

    • SAP want to capture your database spend, and not just run your enterprise application. In an effort to dislocate Oracle and Sybase database technologies from some customer This has unlocked stages for data access alongside hosting and application development. It is vital for the users to ponder whether or not indirect fees will be applicable to access the data if the data is locked in their SAP footprint. Additional license and maintenance costs should also be considered.


    • SAP introduced the S4 which is a major customer release since R/3 in the year 2015 and making the transition to it is a fairly costly If a customer needs to know whether they have to pay the license fee or not they need SAP. Also, the additional software and hardware costs need to be considered as well. The company needs to train their database administrators to work with SAP HANA.


    • Choosing the right license metric is precarious as the concept of discount is probably not going to be applied. Run-Time database charge and Volume of data are the two methods of licensing that SAP provides. Most of the users are choosing the Run-Time database license as most (may not be all) are experiencing an exponential growth in the data volume. This is also known as HSAV (HANA Software Application Value).