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Unclutter Smartphone For Better Usability

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Unclutter-Smartphone-For-Better-Usability-300x129 Unclutter Smartphone For Better UsabilityIn order to improve the smartphone experience, it is necessary to unclutter the internal memory. However, it is easy to fill the home screen and app tray with unnecessary apps but they will make your experience laggy. A more minimalistic setup is what the users need to enjoy it.

Following is a few strategies that will help you getting started with the uncluttering process:

Make your home screen minimal

The home screen needs to have fewer apps. Android offers a few customizations to arrange the icons, the idea is to break away and add the least number of icons. In fact, add only those you need the most.

Users do not need all the apps on the home screen. For instance, take this app arrangement on the home screen. Four mandatory apps at the bottom of the screen. A twitter app, WhatsApp for messaging, Duo for video calls and Gmail for emails.

Find a custom launcher that suits your style

Fortunately, Android lets its users add a custom launcher for their needs. Some of the examples are Action Launcher 3, Arrow Launcher, Nokia Z Launcher and much more. My personal favorite is Z Launcher from Nokia. It allows you to scribble on the home screen in order to search apps.