Untangle announces “Network Security Framework”

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Untangle-announces-“Network-Security-Framework” Untangle announces “Network Security Framework”Untangle Inc., a San Jose, California-based network management software company, in a recent press release statement on Tuesday, Mar. 5th 2019, introduced its new security orchestration approach across the enterprise, “Network Security Framework”. The Untangle Network Security Framework enables IT-teams, to ensure protection, monitoring, and control for all devices, applications, and events, thus putting IT back in charge of networks, hybrid cloud, and IoT devices, enforcing a consistent security posture with a firm hand across the entire enterprise network attack surface.

The framework includes the NG Firewall and Command Center, along with newly introduced Micro Firewall –a purpose-built, lightweight, containerized firewall with proprietary, patent-pending AI routing called “Predictive Routing™”, and SD-WAN Router –a lightweight, network-edge solution that provides both advanced routing capabilities and a built-in, intelligent firewall. The Micro Firewall and SD-WAN Router, expands the Untangle network security product family, bringing security to the network edge and IoT devices, thus offering secured and optimized networking scenarios to meet the requirements of connected organizations.

According to Scott Devens, Chief Executive Officer at Untangle, the Network Security Framework marks a cornerstone in Untangle’s product evolution strategy. With this announcement, the company is bringing simply powerful solutions to cybersecurity challenges with a ‘network security everywhere’ approach. As today’s networks expand and become increasingly sophisticated, the challenge to secure them significantly increases. The company with its innovation and head-on approach is meeting the challenges of providing foundational security for IoT and cloud computing.