Updates of Vmware Motives at Vmworld Europe

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Updates-_of_-Vmware_-Motives_-at_-Vmworld_-Europe Updates of Vmware Motives at Vmworld EuropeVMware on November 6 has kicked off its annual VMworld Europe conference by supercharging its container play. The company has updated its Cloud Foundation and hybrid cloud stack with Kubernetes. The virtualization giant has also announced a new integration with IBM Cloud’s managed Kubernetes service and also bought a start-up Heptio.

VMware has been working with Kubernetes by Pivotal Container Service (PKS), the container orchestration technology co-developed with Pivotal and Google, and hosted on-premises VMware Kubernetes Engine (VKE) software over the last few years. This clearly sounds like a shift in the company’s strategy from virtual machines (VMs), and that’s what the company aimed for. Although some suggest that deployments of containers on bare metal, like VMware, is simply the best way to run containers.

In an interview, Chris Wolf, Vice President and CTO of Global Field and Industry, VMware, said that the containers play a major role in the company’s cloud strategy and they are working very hard to ensure that the developer experience will remain native. He also says that this will give the customers an assurance to run and operate the applications they want, in a variety of ways and still maintain flexibility.