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Updating to Google Chrome will Log Users instantly to the Browser

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Updating_-to_-Google_-Chrome_-will_-Log_-Users-_instantly_-to_-the_-Browser-300x157 Updating to Google Chrome will Log Users instantly to the Browser
Updating_ to_ Google
Now hear it out, as Google has launched its latest version of its popular browser the Chrome 69 which comes with a privacy hiccup. Sounds interesting right!

The browser will now actually provide an automatic login for its users for them to access a Google-owned site, reportedly by ZDnet. But, the tech giant did not invest in the advertising of this new function provided to the users. But Google engineer, Adrienne Porter Felt expressed that this automatic sign-in function is not capable of automatically uploading data.
The reason explained behind the hindrance is that Google has included this function in order to prevent mix-ups for all of those who share computers and browsers with other users as well. She also said that user data will not be uploaded without turning on the Sync option, which will help the system to connect to a user’s Google account with the help of a browser, allowing the uploading of passwords and the user’s history to Google servers.

Google Sync was initiated and utilized from around several years, with most of the Chrome users familiar with its working and terms. But many amongst these users will still prefer in logging into Chrome manually with some conscious decision. Whether to or whether not to.

The concern pertaining to this new browser feature can be measured as a minor one but the tech users are increasingly concerned with the privacy settings provided. Google is now known to recently miss the privacy mark pertaining to email and location tracking. Will it stand up to better privacy in the latest vision? Only time has to answer.