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Urban Engine, A Location-Based Analytics Firm Is Acquired By Google

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Urban-Engine-A-Location-Based-Analytics-Firm-Is-Acquired-By-Google-300x129 Urban Engine, A Location-Based Analytics Firm Is Acquired By GoogleIn order to integrate its location-based analytics into Google Maps, the company has acquired the Urban Engines. Urban Engine is a two-year-old organization. For both Google and Urban Engine location analytics is a significant focus. Urban Engine said in a blog post that they are thrilled to join forces with Google and help other organizations understand how the world moves in a much better way.


As UBER and Apple like organizations are boosting their own mapping service, Google is also intensifying and refining its functionalities. They are trying to build the deepest, richest and most detailed understanding of the real world including the rich traffic data that Urban Engine collects and analyzes integrated into the system. They have a customer base in Asia, America, Middle East, Europe and Africa said the company. They have also said in a blog post “We are now truly in a phase of the Internet of Moving things with sensors like Beacon and GPS incorporated into the smartphones”.


Rephrasing the congestion, studying the commuting behavior and creating new customer service in such a minute-mile is implausible and helpful in improving the lives of millions of commuters daily.