Urban FT announces “Community Access” Program to Assist Community Banks with Mobile Banking


Urban-FT-announces-“Community-Access”-Program-to-Assist-Community-Banks-with-Mobile-Banking Urban FT announces “Community Access” Program to Assist Community Banks with Mobile BankingUrban FT Group, a New York, NY-based financial technology solutions provider, as per recent reports, has announced to launch “Community Access”, an agent bank program that facilitates the required mobile banking financial tools to community banks.

Richard Steggall, CEO, Urban FT, says: “With Community Access, community banks can truly compete with the bigger, national banks by offering a product that serves their entire communities with tools, features, and support. This program doesn’t just empower the underdogs, it puts them on an entirely new path when it comes to reach and the ability to serve new demographics.”

Urban FT in collaboration with ICBA Bancard, the payment services subsidiary of the Independent Community Bankers of America, and Mastercard will be officially launching the Community Access at the ICBA 2019 Convention, Live in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Community Access program will be headed by Heather Schumacher, newly appointed COO of Urban FT, who will be overseeing the deployment and support of this program as it reaches “untapped demographics”. Schumacher, who has 11 years of prior experience in card issuing, platform operations, and program delivery, is the former COO of Sunrise Banks.

The program facilitates a managed card service to community banks, enabling them to provide program setup and compliance, card issuance and fulfillment, instant account opening and cardholder support services.