US Army plans to install a Drone Hunting System that can fit on a Truck

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US_Army_plans_to_install_a_Drone_Hunting_System_that_can_fit_on_a_Truck-300x185 US Army plans to install a Drone Hunting System that can fit on a TruckUS Research and Development Company SRC Inc said that US Army plans to install a light weighted system that is designed to track down and neutralize enemy unmanned aerial systems of any size proportion. This technology can be modified to fit on a tactical vehicle or new model pickup truck, staff.
Bob Alger, the company’s director of business development said that “We are already employed in system-of-systems approach technology to counter the enemy drone”, now “We have the equipment that does detect, decide and defeat”.
These system elements are all designed to be man-portable that includes an air surveillance radar system to suite electronic warfare, a direction-finding unit and an infrared (EO/IR) camera that helps to analyze the drone threats. Here the system is sensitive enough to locate even the small drones and quadcopters that are frequently used by the terrorists to threaten U.S. troops.
Whenever the system locates the drone, a decision must be employed regarding whether to bring it down by disturbing its frequency or to destroy it under critical conditions. As the technology is user based, the individual should convey his decision to defeat the threat or not.