US Army Research Lab Partners Technica to Develop an AI-Optimized Fog Computing Solution

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US-Army-Research-Lab-Partners-Technica-to-Develop-an-AI-Optimized-Fog-Computing-Solution US Army Research Lab Partners Technica to Develop an AI-Optimized Fog Computing SolutionTechnica Corporation, a provider of high-end system engineering services to Defense, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Federal civilian agencies, in a recent statement on Wednesday, Jan. 16th 2019, announced entering into a cooperative agreement with the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) to support the Distributed Processing in Heterogeneous Tactical Environment. The three years $1.04 million agreement will involve both organizations to work together on R&D work to develop a fog computing AI-optimized platform that integrates and distills disparate smart edge device data into a common platform.

With an increase in IoT deployments all around the world, ARL’s Fog Computing construct has risen in priority for the US Army. Technica’s fog computing platform, SmartFog, is tailor-made for the Department of Defense (DoD) to collect, correlate and analyze data in limited power and bandwidths ecosystems where military operates, to help them situational awareness insights for warfighters in contested and denied environments. The platform leverages distributed processing and machine learning to create and maintain actionable intelligence.

According to Miguel Collado, Chief Executive Officer for Technica, the company is excited to work together with the Army to help realize this innovative AI concept. With the help of AI and machine learning, Army will gain a strategic advancement in battlefield operations, providing warfighters a superior and actionable knowledge that can reduce casualties, save lives, and win fights.