US Army’s Big Six Modernisation and AI in future of Autonomous Warfare

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US-Army’s_Big-Six_Modernisation-and-AI-in-future-of_Autonomous-Warfare-300x175 US Army’s Big Six Modernisation and AI in future of Autonomous WarfareThe US Army’s Big Six modernization programme is upraising to take with artificial intelligence that will create a strong impact in the military to access the target in a technical manner. In October 2017, The Big Six programme was announced that urges the need for advanced future-proof armor, artillery, aviation, air and missile defense, networks, and technically skilled soldiers.

Boston, Deputy director for the next generation combat vehicle (NGCV) cross-functional team explained that “The NGCV team serves as the army’s lead coordinating, integrating and synchronizing body to evaluate concepts, requirements and to execute plans and programmes pertaining to the development of next-generation combat vehicles to army leadership”. He describes the need to upgrade the current fighting fleet, reducing engineering margins resulting in the optimization of the older vehicles and developing the advanced vehicles and weapons where the size, weight, architecture, power, and cooling plays a crucial role as the character of warfare is changing year by year and that is going to drive how we target the aim and make full use of the advanced technology.

He also mentioned that, “Army has already ordered the commercial agencies to develop the AI installed war vehicles to target the aim easily and efficiently, Only then remote controlled mechanism can be established based on sensors, driving technology, fire control, imagery, data transfer at full phase that reduces manual interference in the war field.” So, we are extremely planned for the replacement that changes the current warfare in an automatic manner. However, with the use of AI in future war patterns, It’s clear that advanced fighting machines are expected to be ready for deployment in the upcoming years that will continue to carry personnel and eventually be controlled by a soldier of any category.