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US Banking Agency Data Breach

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US-Banking-Agency-Data-Breach-300x129 US Banking Agency Data BreachAn employee about a week before his retirement has downloaded a huge amount of data from its computer system and the United States banking regulator is not able to locate the thumb drive he stored it on. As the Office of the Controller of Currency that is a part of the Department of the Treasury has reported, the case to the congress on Friday said loss represented a major information security incident. Despite the breach occurred in November 2015 the loss was reported this September as organization revised downloads to detachable media devices in the last two years. The agency confirmed that the suspected employee has used two thumb drives for the purpose and neither he was able to locate.


With a possibility of around 10,000 records, measured unclassified information, comprising privacy information was there. However, they didn’t say exactly what information. Any of the data is not disclosing or leaking in the public evidence has not been found though said OCC. The OCC said in a statement that the information on the two thumb drives was scrambled based on OCC policy to avert information that can possibly be misused. Neither the OCC has detected corruption of any corrupted data nor the issue has affected the organization in any way.