US Military aims to increase Pentagon budget to maintain current Military Operations

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US_Military_aims_to_increase_Pentagon_budget_to_maintain_current_Military_Operations-300x169 US Military aims to increase Pentagon budget to maintain current Military OperationsWASHINGTON – Defense Secretary James Mattis and General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had testified that the Pentagon budget in 2017 and finalized that it should be grown in a sequential manner just to maintain our current military capabilities.

They hoped that armed forces would need to get annual spending increase by at least 3 percent till 2023. Building the forces to the next levels is necessary to ensure national security, Mattis estimated that 5 percent over inflation would take annuals to increase of the Military & Aerospace Electronics.

The Pentagon has explained that it will not request an increase in the 2020 budget further anymore, so as to adopt savings and efficiencies to fund new initiatives and priorities. As per the recent department letter to a recent department letter to staff, the Pentagon approximately saves around $300 million this year by implementing information technology and logistics.

So now the administration plan for an increase in spending of the defense budget through 2023 but that eventually will not meet the 5 percent growth. If Government follows the Defense Department budget plan, the armed forces will lose purchasing power in the coming years.