US Military Forces use Artificial Intelligence to detect Malware

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US_Military_Forces_use_Artificial_Intelligence_to_detect_Malware-300x214 US Military Forces use Artificial Intelligence to detect MalwareComputing researchers of the U.S. military forces are planning to discover the news ways where Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning can be implemented in the field of cybersecurity to detect malware and to protect military computers and data networks.

Officials of the (DISA) at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., issued a specified notice stating that DISA wants a SEP solution, where it can detect and prevents malware using AI, algorithmic science, and machine learning for scanning and identifying the potential data that already exists in computer files. The military officials want the SEP solution to be based on AI and machine learning technologies to detect malware at the DNA-level that requires minimal updates to be worked on air-gapped networks, cyber malware threats and to protect malware threats from affecting system data.

The launch of cyber review framework for military information network infrastructure:
This project was initiated by officials of the DISA Development and Business Center Cyber Development Directorate Innovation Office to typically guard the malware by implementing AI with reference to machine learning to audit signature-less endpoint solutions for existing cybersecurity tools to eliminate zero-day attacks where the AI/machine learning engine does not depend on any manual permissions to identify and remove malware. This SEP solution needs to detect and block unknown malware on DISA Network with exact accuracy for AI-driven mechanisms.