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US Navy Funded For Amphibious Drone

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US-Navy-Funded-For-Amphibious-Drone-300x129 US Navy Funded For Amphibious Drone“Naviator” is an unmanned amphibious drone that has the capability to seamlessly transform and scale the waters. Researchers at Rutgers University took on the task of building this unmanned vehicle. Nevertheless, this is not a new concept, it has been around since 1930. However, the project was scrapped before it could even start. There has been many other documented and undocumented attempts as well.


Michael Benyo from the engineering department at Rutgers University said building a craft that can function equally in both under water and air as well as can make repeated transitions was the main challenge. Two sets of propellers (above and below) is what we all agreed on after many studies. There are sensors that will detect the kind of environment the craft is in. if the craft is in water the upper propellers will stop and the ones at the bottom will start in order to pull the craft into the water in a seamless motion. Once underwater the upper propellers will also kick back but both upper and lower propellers operate in slow speed. While underwater radio wave communication that is used to control the craft in, the air becomes useless. Hence, the researchers are developing a technique to control it underwater using ultrasound. As of now for the testing purpose, the craft will be connected with a wire for the same. As of now the funding for Naviator are coming from the United States Navy.