US Telco Comcast Announces To Launch Its Blockchain Platform In Early 2019

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US_Telco_Comcast_Announces_To_Launch_Its_Blockchain_Platform_In_Early_2019 US Telco Comcast Announces To Launch Its Blockchain Platform In Early 2019Comcast, an American global telecommunications conglomerate headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a statement on Friday, Dec. 21st, 2018, announced the launch of next phase of its blockchain initiative –Blockgraph. The company is currently working with NBCUniversal to test Blockgraph’s capabilities and plans to introduce it in early 2019.

The company’s Cable Advertising division initiated the next phase of its Blockgraph platform — a secure data and information sharing platform. The company has also initiated talks with other major industry players like Viacom, an American multinational mass media conglomerate and Spectrum Reach, the advertising sales division of Charter Communications, Inc., among others, for future rollouts to escalate the Blockgraph initiative’s scale and backing.

According to David Kline, President of Spectrum Reach, it’s imperative that the use of data prioritizes the privacy of consumers’ personal information. Blockgraph, the industry initiative offers enhanced security and privacy protections by allowing the participation of all TV players to directly share their valuable insights derived from anonymized and aggregated information.

According to Kern Schireson, Executive Vice President, Chief Data Officer, Viacom, the company with its long dedicated efforts is focused to further advance television advertising and industry collaboration to deliver better and client specific ads to enhance the viewer experience. The company is very much delighted on its partnership with Comcast on Blockgraph platform to facilitate secure insight exchange platform as a necessary catalyst to scale both companies’ collective capabilities.