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USB Stick Designed To Test Power Surge Attack

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USB-Stick-Designed-To-Test-Power-Surge-Attack-300x129 USB Stick Designed To Test Power Surge AttackUSBKill.com is a Hong Kong-based technology manufacturer which has designed a USB stick that is capable frying an unauthorized computer to which it was plugged in using an electrical discharge. The company mentioned in a statement that the USB stick charges and then discharge its capacitors rapidly in a matter of seconds when it is plugged into a USB port. This process repeats till the USB is removed. They have also said this USB stick was built to test against power surge attacks and prevent data theft via juice jacking.


The device using a USB charging port that doubles as a data connection data can be copied using a malware on a computer, this process is called as Juice Jacking. Protecting the host machine is a USB protection shield that’s designed to allow the USB killer is also sold by the company. The USB Kill stick 2.0 and the Test Shield costs around $56 and $15.70 respectively. As the stick emits high-voltage the company warns that it should not be toyed around. USBKill.com mentioned in a statement while testing on computers the device is not intended or designed to erase data. However, the controllers might get damaged to the point where data retrieval in impossible depending on the configuration of the device.