Use Of Robotics Helps Paraplegic Patients Recover

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Use-Of-Robotics-Helps-Paraplegic-Patients-Recover-300x129 Use Of Robotics Helps Paraplegic Patients RecoverTo teach the paraplegic patient to walk again using brain-controlled robotic exoskeleton is the indistinct objective set by an international association of scientists with the when we walk again project founded in 2013. The patient can move and feel their legs again as a result which surprised the scientists just a year into the study. As the result involved three a combination of three different setups it is pretty hard to say which one is actually responsible for the remarkable retrieval. A comprehensive clinical track will be necessary as this one involved only 8 patients but the results are no doubt creating benchmarks.


All the patients showed signs of improvement subsequent to the Brain Machine Interface training even though they are completely paraplegic initially. The treatment results are impressive as the patients could move their limbs after for being paraplegic for very long time and there is also an improvement in bowel moment and bladder function. Even the doctor change their patient’s status from fully paralyze to partially paralyze.


The patients were provided with the special type of sleeves which indicate translation of thoughts to movements in the form of hepatic feedback. The movement of limbs of the patients is through virtual or physical assistance which causes the improvement.