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Users Can Now Chat Inside YouTube App

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Users-Can-Now-Chat-Inside-YouTube-App-300x129 Users Can Now Chat Inside YouTube AppThe company has incorporated an in-app messaging service into the YouTube iOS and Android apps. As of now, the feature is only available for the users of Canada. The innovative in-app messaging will allow users to share links, texts, clips and maybe videos as well. YouTube has confirmed that it is testing the feature with limited users last year in May. This feature will be available for users in other regions via invite only. How this in-app messaging feature works is shown in a video in the Canada’s Google website blog. Users can share text, videos with multiple users invite more users and can also chat with them. In order to express the like towards a video shared in the message, a heart symbol was provided. The videos will play inside the message windows. The testing in May last year didn’t lead to any further information about the rolling out of the features.


According to Google, Canadian YouTube users share 15% more videos than users in other reasons. However, users from outside of Canada and want to use this feature they have to find someone who is already using this feature. Stay inside the app was the primary vision behind introducing this feature.