Vapor IO, Packet, & Seagate jointly Publish – State of the Edge Report

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Vapor-IO-Packet-Seagate-jointly-Publish-–-State-of-the-Edge-Report Vapor IO, Packet, & Seagate jointly Publish – State of the Edge ReportVapor IO, an Austin, TX-based pioneer in Edge computing; along with Packet, a New York, NY-based bare metal automation platform that features scalable cloud, on-premises, and edge solutions; and Seagate, a Cupertino, CA-based computer hardware manufacturer; as per recent reports, have collaborated on publishing a State of the Edge report, “Data at the Edge: Managing and Activating Information in a Distributed World”. The report mainly focuses on information management and activation using edge computing.

“With everything related to edge computing expanding at an exponential pace, the State of the Edge coalition has become the ideal vendor-neutral forum to develop and publish industry research,” stated Matt Trifiro, CMO, Vapor IO, a founding member of the group. “We picked data at the edge as our first topic-specific report because, with billions of sensors soon to be generating zettabytes of data, it’s clear that information must be processed in a new way. In order to catalyze a robust and healthy ecosystem at the edge, we’re determined to share objective insights and research that elevates our entire industry.”

The 26-page detailed Data at the Edge report, which is available freely on the website, examines the role data is playing in shaping the rise of the edge. The report, going deep into the technicalities, provides clear sight view of the existing research and predictions around data growth. Moreover, the report laments how businesses can boost their growth and become more efficient and competitive by leveraging edge computing to extract the previously untapped data value.

“As more and more data is created outside the centralized cloud, Seagate has identified the need to take a more unified and more efficient approach to managing and orchestrating data at the edge,” stated John Morris, CTO, Seagate. “We are excited to share our point of view through our partnership with the State of the Edge.”