Veridium Announces New Biometric Capability To Enterprise Mobile Biometric Platform

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Veridium_Announces-New-Biometric-Capability-To-Enterprise-Mobile-Biometric-Platform Veridium Announces New Biometric Capability To Enterprise Mobile Biometric PlatformVeridium, a leading developer of user-centric authentication solutions, has announced the release of its new behavioral biometric capability for mobile biometric authentication. Its platform leverages machine learning and motion detection to create confidence scores to improve the security of enterprise accounts. As part of the announcement, the company’s Inmotion’s user behavior analytics technology is accessible through the software-only Veridiumid Smartphone platform that enhancing the consistency of native biometrics for authentication by coupling behavioral data captured on the device with physical biometrics.

On this take, head of product development at Veridium, Ionut Dumitran stated that as data breaches and insider menaces progressively plague the enterprise, businesses look for a strong solution that can better identify and validate users’ identities. Through user behavior analytics, a bad actor which has someone’s phone and their fingerprints or even similar biometric data like facial features will now have the complexity to replicate their unique traits. By utilizing Veridium Inmotion, businesses can now cut the risk of identity breaches and fortify authentication in a transparent and frictionless way for the users.

The company said that its mobile biometric authentication platform doesn’t store users’ personal information, instead of only information from the smartphone’s accelerometer and gyroscope once the user has initiated the biometric authentication process. Once a user has completed nearly 10 authentications, Veridium Inmotion generates a model that is continually refined and gives the confidence score. The confidence score can be compared against risk factors to hit step-up authentication through channels like SMS, phone or email.