Verizon Clarified About Google Updates For Pixel Phones

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Google-Updates-Phones-300x168 Verizon Clarified About Google Updates For Pixel PhonesVerizon the United States network carrier service said its partnership with the tech giant Google means that the updates will be available at the same time as the company pushes the update. All the updates will happen in partnership with Google and users will receive the updates instantly said the company in a statement. Google also confirmed this, saying there will not be any delay in a statement. All pixel devices will be updated at the same time as the monthly updates and security patches arrive.


Verizon also endorsed users will be able to completely uninstall the three pre-loaded apps. For a carrier branded phone it is a big leap forward. Usually loaded down with bloatware and lag far behind Nexus phones when android updates are concerned. This Verizon version will be carrier unlocked and users can move to other carriers if they decide to do so. However, the phone has a locked bootloader but that will not concern regular users. The hackers who want to root the phones has to deal with it.
That being said the user’s doubt should be clarified, who want to pick one from the Verizon store. Along with the mentioned benefits with the purchase users will also get a daydream headset for free.