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Verizon Sticks To No-Unlimited Data Plan

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Verizon-Sticks-To-No-Unlimited-Data-Plan-300x129 Verizon Sticks To No-Unlimited Data PlanThe idea for unlimited data is again been rejected by the Verizon. Fran Shammo, Verizon Chief Financial Officer said at an investor conference that the customers need an unlimited plan at the end of the day. The followers of Shammo will know this is not a new statement. Rivals of the Verizon have emphasized on renewed the unlimited data. But certainly, that hasn’t manipulated him.


In exchange for slowing the connection for lower resolution videos Sprint and T-Mobile have introduced cheaper unlimited data plans. While AT&T has announced its DirecTV service with the unlimited data bundle. The impulsion to unlimited data marks a setback of the last few years of pomposity about the costs of delivering service. The argument against the unlimited data remains the same for Verizon. The company said making money on an unlimited video world is an issue. With Verizon’s plan tethering other devices to your mobile and enjoy the high-speed data without any artificial throttling is the company’s way. An extra charge is required on the T-Mobiles unlimited plan to view high-resolution videos and high-speed data.


The simplicity of the plan is more customer friendly said Shammo. Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T said an unlimited plan is offered to the customers who subscribe to DirecTV video at the Goldman Sachs investors conference.