Video Conferencing Services Provider, IVCi, Explains How Medical Centers Can Benefit From Video Conferencing Solutions


3-1-1 Video Conferencing Services Provider, IVCi, Explains How Medical Centers Can Benefit From Video Conferencing SolutionsHAUPPAUGE, N.Y., June 12, 2019 — While nearly every industry can reap the benefits of advanced audio visual technology, the medical field is a unique case. Medical centers are largely specialized and require state-of-the-art installations to achieve the best medical service possible for patients and the highest quality research and training for its medical professionals. Quality video displays and clear audio set-ups create the perfect outlet for video conferencing, a tool that can aid any medical office in many ways.

Video conferencing services provider, IVCi, expands on how medical centers can benefit from video conferencing solutions, explaining the advantages gained from incorporating video conferencing into both the professional and patient experience in the medical field.

  • Expand patient reach: Medical centers are often limited by their geographical area, with most of their patients within a 30 minute radius depending on the specialization. How can a medical center expand its presence outside of its geographical boundaries? Video conferencing can be a valuable tool for medical centers that struggle to reach far populations, as it enables healthcare providers to talk to patients face-to-face, no matter the distance between them. This increases not only patient reach for the medical center, but the accessibility of on-demand healthcare to underprivileged, disabled, and elderly patients.
  • Improve research: The medical field is a globally connected industry, and research is advancing medical technology every day. Medical research can be even more advanced with the installation of real-life quality video cameras for research conferences and meetings between students and teachers, teams of researchers, and even doctors themselves. Enabling medical professionals and students to witness a difficult surgery as if they were there, or visualize a particularly tough diagnosis, can only help the medical field advance.
  • Heighten training programs: Training young medical professionals can be a long process, but with the right targeted training programs, their transitional period can be shortened and their efficiency as healthcare professionals raised. Heightening training programs with video conferencing expands the mentorship pool across the globe, allowing new nurses, doctors, and assistants to learn from the best in their field.
  • Increase communication levels: Video conferencing also benefits medical centers with locations around the world or throughout the country, streamlining their communications regarding company events, rules and regulations, and collaboration between posts. It also allows urgent company information to be shared in an instant to every employee, benefitting the ease of service and preserving a reputation for excellence.
  • Offer a competitive advantage: A valuable benefit gained from professional video conferencing is the competitive advantage that comes with the ability to share information instantly, giving medical centers a streamlined way to communicate with one another. Sharing a difficult diagnosis, valuable research results, or simply interpersonal connections between employees all benefit a medical center’s performance in the healthcare market.

Video conferencing is a highly valuable tool for medical centers, patients and medical professionals alike. Gain the competitive advantage and the geographical coverage your medical center needs, and start incorporating video conferencing into everyday operations.

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