VIM AEC Partners With Magic Leap to Make BIM Accessibility a Reality


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4-1-1 VIM AEC Partners With Magic Leap to Make BIM Accessibility a RealityLAS VEGAS, June 5, 2019 — VIM AEC will be previewing a complete life-size, on-site, real-time Revit BIM experience on Magic Leap’s spatial computing device, Magic Leap One, at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2019 in Las Vegas (booth 9321). This is the first ever public opportunity to experience the fastest, most universal format for accessibility to BIM, aka Virtual Information Modeling, in real-time utilizing the power of Magic Leap One. As the pioneer of the next computing platform, Magic Leap has created with the Magic Leap One a lightweight, wearable spatial computer that seamlessly blends the digital and physical worlds. And thanks to Magic Leap and our architectural partners WM2A, and DLR Group, who are proving this capability in many facets of the design-build life cycle, we’re excited to bring this technology to the larger architectural community.

4-1-1 VIM AEC Partners With Magic Leap to Make BIM Accessibility a Reality

“Going from Design to Real-time this quickly on a Magic Leap will really enhance our pursuit and design review practices in a big way, because it still isn’t easy to do with other tools and multiple users.” – DLR Group

The VIM file format is the most efficient and compact 3D data format for design data – making it optimized for more devices and platforms than anyone else. VIM enables AEC professionals to preserve design integrity, reduce errors, access all BIM data, and improve the performance of the world’s biggest buildings, all while seamlessly blending into your existing workflow.

VIM is used everywhere. It helps designers, visualization artists, contractors, and owners do more with their large, complicated designs and buildings than anything else. From an 1100-acre digital twin project with hundreds of buildings to a mission-critical life safety event, VIM is proven to improve collaboration, share-ability and access to data with greater integration to the tools your team loves most.

“Together, we’re innovating the next generation of computing and architectural development, and valued Creators such as VIM AEC are crucial to defining that future,” said Rodolpho Cardenuto, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Sales, Magic Leap.

More about VIM AEC: VIM AEC is the creator of the world’s most advanced virtual information modeling solution that helps the architectural, engineering and construction disciplines collaborate to design, build, and operate better buildings The company is focused on providing a simple solution for the delivery of real-time BIM experiences to a variety of device types. VIM AEC is part of Magic Leap’s Independent Creator Program which was designed to provide independent developers and creators with the financial, development and marketing support necessary to develop world-class experiences on the Magic Leap platform. For more information on VIM AEC, visit

The solution that has been created for the AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Contractor and Owners) market, creates a simple process to convert Autodesk’s Revit designs into a Magic Leap experience.