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Virtualized network service Was Announced By Orange Business Service

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Virtualized-network-service-Was-Announced-By-Orange-Business-Service-300x129 Virtualized network service Was Announced By Orange Business ServiceThanks to the new way of deploying the starting carrier services such as security and routing are becoming easier and faster. The new way of deployment doesn’t need dedicated equipment at customer’s sites. Several carrier services run on typical infrastructure at either service-provider facilities or customer sites is been enabled by the new tactic, termed virtualized business services. Companies can order and change them quickly as the services are virtual. In addition, a particular devices limitation will not be a hurdle for the company. Easy Go Network, a virtualized network service program was launched by the Orange Business Service. Other operators who are developing or selling similar programs such as Verizon, AT&T, etc. Easy Go Network’s launch follows a yearlong customer trial and the service is available as a monthly subscription. More than 3,000 multinational companies are on the customer list of Orange Business Service.


Orange said the service would expand to larger sites and include other functions though as of now the service is focused on branch offices. A virtual firewall built on Fortinet Security Fabric technology is the first offering of the service. Web content filtering, intrusion prevention, malware defense and others firewall tasks. Starting next year orange plans to provide other virtualized network functions such as Wi-Fi management and application optimization.