VisiQuate Partners With Etyon Health To Develop Artificial Intelligence-Powered Revenue Cycle Management Platform

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VisiQuate_Partners_With-Etyon-Health-To-Develop-Artificial-Intelligence-Powered-Revenue-Cycle-Management-Platform VisiQuate Partners With Etyon Health To Develop Artificial Intelligence-Powered Revenue Cycle Management PlatformVisiQuate, a Santa Rosa, CA-based healthcare business analytics, has partnered with Etyon Health, a developer of Artificial Intelligence-driven RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) solutions, to develop a suite of RCM applications with AI technology. With this partnership, VisiQuate’s AI and business analytics platform combines with Etyon’s deep machine-learning algorithms designed to advance operational insights and automate intricate data science claim decisions. Additionally, the collaboration is aimed at stimulating time-to-insight, enhancing the precision of operational decisions and reduces cost-to-collect through the integration of complex data, which are then presented as role-personalized insights and actionable workflows.

VisiQuate Founder and CEO Brian Robertson said that as health systems contend with increasingly tight margins, it’s clear that advanced analytics are essential to optimize enterprise operations. He further noted that the partnership between VisiQuate and Etyon Health turbocharges those capabilities, empowering health system leaders to make those deep insights actionable. Etyon’s algorithmic engine approach is intended to optimize revenue cycle technology workflow business rules, standardize decision making for enterprise-wide revenue cycle reporting and analytics. Its algorithms can assist in cutting down human dependency to combine and correct data, intelligently map data, identify anomalies, and make smart recommendations.

VisiQuate, which was established in the year 2009, is an expert managed service which assists clients to speed up the enterprise-wide growth of peak business health more effectively than any other alternative. The company’s enterprise-scale Business Analytics combine and shorten intricate Big Data from manifold sources, and present it as insights and actionable workflows. On the other side, Milwaukee, WI-based Etyon Health develops AI-powered Revenue Cycle Management solutions to create more revenue per patient and collect more cash per claim while taking costs out of operational and analysis activities. Etyon Health currently serving clients in the healthcare, laboratory and business services industries.