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Visualfiles Conveyancing Accelerators Introduced By LexisNexis

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Visualfiles-Conveyancing-Accelerators-Introduced-By-LexisNexis-300x129 Visualfiles Conveyancing Accelerators Introduced By LexisNexisLexisNexis Enterprise Solutions as an addition to its promise to supply ‘out-of-the-box’ matter and client databases for time-pressed conveyancers has rolled out Lexis Visualfiles Conveyancing Accelerators that delivers modest and speedy access to the workflow system that reinforces the leading conveyancers in the UK on the November 1. Within the Visualfiles platform, the Vissualfiles Accelerator are best practice workflows put up in an application context that streamlines the design of business results. Implementation of Visualfiles into any business in a matter of days is supported by these accelerators. A strong foundation is been provided by LexisNexis in order for the organizations to further customize and implement the solution.


Other accelerators will be rolled out shortly but now Conveyancing is the first one to be released. Nigel Williams Visualfiles’ product manager at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions said in a statement without limiting subsequent evolution, the Conveyancing Accelerators are designed as such to enable conveyance business to be operational at the earliest. Time is of the essence for both existing and new businesses as limited margin and challenging nature of current conveyance market. Enabling the most well-organized supply of high-class customer service Visualfiles aids organizations to stand out from the competition. It also helps in increasing the market share and improve profitability.