Vmware and IBM Cloud Partnership for Vmware-AWS Cloud

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Vmware_-and_-IBM-_Cloud_-Partnership_-for_-Vmware-AWS_-Cloud Vmware and IBM Cloud Partnership for Vmware-AWS Cloud

The new announcements made in VMworld event this week embraces the VMware-AWS cloud partnership which tends to receive top billing. Going by this IBM was the first cloud provider to partner with VMware way back in 2016. Now, this constitutes to more than 1,700 enterprises which include Banca Carige, CNH Industrial, Honeywell, and Vodafone extending their VMware environments to the IBM Cloud.

The event has witnessed partners announcing several hybrid cloud services, where IBM Services has offered to help migrate and extend VMware workloads to their IBM Cloud, and integrate deployments from Kubernetes and other containers. IBM is now unleashing a fully automated and managed global cloud architecture for mission-critical VMware workloads to help prevent downtime for cloud applications and automate fail-overs. This architecture is going to be made available across IBM Cloud’s 18 availability zones in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific region.

Now, IBM Cloud Private Hosted can be installed on VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud. This will support in the management and orchestration of VMs and containers under a common security model and private network with blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). VMware Solutions are also integrated with the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service to provide a fully managed Kubernetes environment.