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Volume.XO Stepping Into Legal Industry

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Volume-300x129 Volume.XO Stepping Into Legal IndustryUsers would not find the ‘products’ or ‘about us’ sections in the Volume Global’s website. Backed by IBM Watson Volume’s ‘Digital Concierge’ is among a few cognitive commercial websites that in the United Kingdom that is been trained to answer questions. Questions like what Volume does, What it is, or details about its management team will be answered in natural language by the website. A global provider of technology, innovation, and digital content is what Volume describes itself as. It is altering the way companies offer their services and products to clients using smart machines. To help organizations deliver cognitive innovation, Volume.XO, a center of excellence for artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and machine learning has been set up by Chris Sykes, chief executive in June 2015. Natural language classifier like IBM APIs was been used by Volume.XO in order to deduce contents and Dialogs in order to understand its meaning and interact accordingly.


The formation of .XO tailed Volume’s certification as an IBM ecosystem partner, since then it has become one of the few companies worldwide to have three ‘With Watson’ verified applications in-market. Their conventional focus sector has been industrial and IT; however, they have early stage AI prospects in the health, education and legal sectors Skyes said in a statement.