Watermark Bank – “Oklahoma’s First New Bank since 2009”, Makes Headway


Watermark-Bank-–-“Oklahoma’s-First-New-Bank-since-2009”-Makes-Headway Watermark Bank – “Oklahoma’s First New Bank since 2009”, Makes HeadwayWatermark Bank, an Oklahoma-based new bank in the US, that on its website claims itself as the “Oklahoma’s First New Bank since 2009”, as per recent reports, is claiming that it’s built on modern technology and around personalization. The Watermark Bank with its aims to “build the best business bank” in Oklahoma, plans on delivering highly personalized financial services to business owners, families, and entrepreneurs.

The bank, which was launched on Tuesday, Jan. 22nd 2019, is currently offering current and business accounts for users. Furthermore, claims it has raised the largest capital in Oklahoma’s history for a newly chartered bank. The bank has set some pretty high standards, as is obvious from their website, where the bank remarks on the importance of fraud prevention, as well as mobile and online banking.

The bank’s CEO, Matt Pollock, has senior experience under his belt working at US banks and is also renowned as the founder of WMF Ventures.

The bank’s CFO, Gary McClanahan, also has senior experience in banks like First National Bank of Oklahoma or Bank SNB.

Both Pollock and McClanahan are also Watermark Bank’s co-founders.

The Watermark Bank’s board is comprised of executives from Private Investments, Streets, and Square Deal Capital, which are also most likely the investors at the bank.