Waymo Expands Its 3D LIDAR Sensors To Companies Outside Of Automotive

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Waymo_Expands-Its-3D-LIDAR-Sensors-To-Companies-Outside-Of-Automotive Waymo Expands Its 3D LIDAR Sensors To Companies Outside Of AutomotiveWaymo, a developer of technology for self-driving cars, has announced that it’s making one of its 3D LIDAR sensors, named Laser Bear Honeycomb. Offering this sensor to select partners, it assists stimulate the growth of applications outside of driverless cars and also drives the company’s business forward.

LIDAR (light detection and ranging) refers to a remote sensing technique, which can track the distance employing pulses of laser light. Waymo began developing its own set of LIDAR sensors in the year 2011, with three different sorts of LIDARs. The company utilizes a medium-range LIDAR, located on top of the car, also have built a short-range and a long-range LIDAR. According to the Waymo team, these custom LIDARs enabled them to put their autonomous cars on the road. Now, Mountain View, California-based Company is set to expand the monarchy of these sensors outside of automotive to sectors of robotics, security, agricultural technology, etc. Its Laser Bear Honeycomb is a best-in-class perimeter sensor, and it has the same short-range power which is deployed around Waymo’s autonomous vehicles’ bumper. The Laser Bear Honeycomb LIDAR came out with a stupendous set of features.

Wide field of view- Unlike the other 3D LIDARs, the Laser Bear Honeycomb LIDAR comes with a vertical field of view of 95-degree, along with a 360-degree horizontal field of view. It means this sensor is equal to perform the job of three other 3D sensors. Multiple returns per pulse- Laser Bear Honeycomb can see more than four diverse objects in the laser beams’ line of sight. Also, it has the capability to reveal the objects that might otherwise get missed out. Minimum range of zero- The Waymo’s 3D LIDAR sensor comes with a minimum range of zero. It means it can track the objects that are in front of the sensor immediately, and also has the features like near object detection and avoidance.