Weather Telematics announces “Predictiv SA (Safety Alerts)” Advance Road Condition Warning Platform

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Weather-Telematics-announces-“Predictiv-SA-Safety-Alerts”-Advance-Road-Condition-Warning-Platform Weather Telematics announces “Predictiv SA (Safety Alerts)” Advance Road Condition Warning PlatformWeather Telematics Inc. (WTX), a smart mobility solutions provider and wholly owned subsidiary of Toronto-based technology investment company Internet of Things Inc. (IoT Inc.), as per recent reports, has announced its new safety alerts platform –Predictiv SA (Safety Alerts). The new platform aims to make driving safer for motorists by assisting them with advance warnings about dangerous driving conditions on the road ahead.

WTX’ new Predictiv SA road safety warning platform, predicts the road conditions ahead, and when it judges the conditions to be dangerous and requiring immediate driver intervention, it provides drivers with an advanced single alert. According to the company, this predictive safety alert can help drivers in avoiding, managing, or mitigating dangerous road conditions before they can occur. WTX’ Predictiv SA is a new extension of the company’s Predictiv RC (Road Conditions) global platform that is apt at delivering ‘micro-scale’ mapping resolution, ranging from 1,640ft to below 984ft (500-200m), providing unsurpassed accuracy to assess and manage the associated risks in poor weather conditions.

Weather Telematics, by using a proprietary vehicle-mounted AI and machine learning-optimized mobile IoT sensor network, generates historical, real-time, and predictive road weather conditions for road hazard risk alerts and dynamic way routing applications.

“Many of today’s vehicles are capable of detecting dangerous road weather conditions near the vehicle, but in some cases, it’s too late for the driver to take action,” said Bob Moran, CEO of Weather Telematics. “Predictiv SA has been specifically designed to give drivers and vehicles predictive awareness of hazards before they pose life-threatening risks. Combining our Predictiv RC and Predictiv SA products provide unsurpassed levels of safety for drivers and positions us as an industry leader in AI-based mobility technologies.”