Web Advertising Platform –Taboola taps INAP for Colocation Services

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Web-Advertising-Platform-–Taboola-taps-INAP-for-Colocation-Services1 Web Advertising Platform –Taboola taps INAP for Colocation ServicesInternap Corporation (INAP), an Atlanta, Georgia-based global provider of data center and cloud solutions, as per recent reports, has entered into a partnership agreement with Taboola, a New York City, NY-based private advertising company, for expanded colocation services at INAP’s premium, carrier-neutral data center in Los Angeles.

The NY-based Taboola, in order to be able to deliver its advertising platform to leading publishers and advertisers all around the world, requires services that are scalable and offer high-performance colocation and network connectivity. To do so, the company, which has most of its tech team based in Tel Aviv, Israel, relies on INAP that offers remotely managed routine infrastructure maintenance services.

Speaking on this context, Andrew Day, chief operating officer at INAP, said, “When a customer like Taboola interacts with over a billion people, you need a trusted partner to ensure your network and data center infrastructure is in good hands.”

INAP’s patented route optimization engine that powers its Performance IP solution automatically directs all outbound traffic from Taboola along the lowest-latency path. With over 100 network PoPs (point of presence) spread all across the globe, Performance IP makes around 500m latency-reducing route optimizations on a daily basis.

“Taboola is pleased to expand its colocation services to INAP’s Los Angeles data center,” stated Ariel Pisetzky, VP of IT & cyber at Taboola. “INAP’s scalable, high-performance colocation and network connectivity services are an important component for supporting Taboola’s growth as the world’s largest discovery platform. INAP’s support of high density compute allows us to reduce footprint and maximize the efficiency of each rack.”