Web Browser Opera Expands Its Crypto Wallet Services To iOS Users

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Web_Browser-Opera-Expands-Its-Crypto-Wallet-Services-To-iOS-Users Web Browser Opera Expands Its Crypto Wallet Services To iOS UsersWeb browser Opera has announced that it is going to extend its Opera Touch platform to iOS operating systems. Opera Touch is a Web 3 browser with an integrated crypto wallet and Ethereum supported and interactions with decentralized applications. The Web browsing platform described the decision for expanding its services to iOS that the result of successful integration of the crypto wallet and decentralized apps explorer for Android.

As a web browser for Microsoft Windows, Android, macOS, and Linux operating systems, Opera introduced its Web 3-ready browser in December last year, with a built-in crypto wallet for Android users. Albeit, the launch date of Opera Touch for iOS didn’t specify by the company. In July same year, the web browsing platform announced the addition of a built-in Cryptocurrency wallet to its browser. Earlier of the last month, Opera added a new service, in collaboration with brokerage firm Safello, which enables users across the Sweden, Norway, and Denmark to buy Ethereum through the Android version of the browser. Opera is also working together with HTC to work out a third version of the browser, which will be specially created to be used in the Exodus 1 that is the official Opera phone.

Currently, the community is seeking to know whether its new app will start to raise digital currency adoption or not. As more firms are offering cryptocurrency and decentralized apps at a progressive rate on their phones, it seems like the crypto will be a successful digital asset in the near future. Opera is a Chromium-based browser utilizing the Blink layout engine, as well as it distinguishes itself due to a diverse user interface and other features.