Wells Fargo Customers Experience Outage, After a Suspected Fire at One of Its Facilities


Wells-Fargo-Customers-Left-Stranded-After-a-Suspected-Fire-at-One-of-Its-Facilities Wells Fargo Customers Experience Outage, After a Suspected Fire at One of Its FacilitiesWells Fargo, a San Francisco-based multinational financial services company, recently experienced a technical snag. The company, which is the world’s 2nd largest bank in terms of market capitalization and the 4th largest in the US by total assets, with over 8 thousand branches all around the globe and around 70 million customers, experienced some technical difficulties, with multiple Wells Fargo customers reporting logging in issues. The company’s online banking and mobile app, both popped up technical difficulties display messages.

The company representatives were quick to acknowledge the situation and went on to Twitter to make an official announcement. The company, in its official Twitter post, apologized for the inconvenience caused to its online banking and mobile app customers, and asked for their patience, while they research the issue.

Shortly after this post, a new post followed, acknowledging a systems issue causing the intermittent outages, which will be resolved soon. It later turned out that the systems issue was a power outage at one of the Wells Fargo’s facilities, which was emanating smoke.

The company later assured that the issue was not a hacker attack, but a simple power outage and promised to cancel any additional fees that customers could have faced due to this outage.