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What Is the Reason Behind Microsoft’s Slow Update For Windows 10 Version 1607?

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What-Is-the-Reason-Behind-Microsoft’s-Slow-Update-For-Windows-10-Version-1607-300x129 What Is the Reason Behind Microsoft’s Slow Update For Windows 10 Version 1607?A go-slow approach is being undertaken by Microsoft as the company is particularly slow in rolling out the Anniversary Edition of the Windows 10 operating System aka Windows 10 version 1607. They are slow enough so that less than half of the PCs have the Anniversary Update even after 6 weeks of its release. To be particular just 34.5 percent of the PCs are recorded running the Anniversary Update according to a report. 59.9 percent of the PCs are still running the Fall Update aka Windows 10 version 1511.


Microsoft announced the update rolling out in phases starting from August 2. It is supposed that the company is rolling out the updates starting from the newer machines first. It is actually surprising that the speed of the updates rolling out to the older machines is remarkable slow. A report mentioned that the reason for these slow updates is pretty hard to predict. The best guess is they don’t want to break their own apps and hence some kind of selection process was going on while considering some older machines which are a bit troublesome. The company responded to this report in an email saying that the Update will be rolled out eventually to all the machines.