WhereiPark Acquires GarageHop, a Seattle-based IoT Parking Company

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WhereiPark-Acquires-GarageHop-a-Seattle-based-IoT-Parking-Company WhereiPark Acquires GarageHop, a Seattle-based IoT Parking CompanyWhereiPark, a leading digital marketplace for monthly parking, in a recent statement on Tuesday, Jan. 15th 2019, announced acquiring GarageHop, an IoT parking company based in Seattle, and will be integrating GarageHop’s network of active parkers and buildings into the WhereiPark digital platform.

According to Jeremy Zuker, a co-founder of WhereiPark, the company is excited to be working with GarageHop’s team to offer its services to individuals, companies and real estate partners in the city of Seattle.

And according to Alex Enchin, another co-founder of WhereiPark, the company’s GarageHop acquisition will offer a turn-key solution for monthly parking at over 50 locations in Seattle city, providing individuals or corporate groups a means to easily and quickly reserve and manage their monthly parking spaces.

With WhereiPark platform, property owners can generate revenue from their under-utilized parking spaces, offer a unique and extraordinary parking experience to their parkers, and gain access to the company’s management and reporting tools. The company which is based in Toronto offers parking solutions to cities all across North America including Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Washington DC, and Portland.

According to Helene Costa, co-founder of GarageHop, the company is pleased to be joining an optimized parking space network that spans the country and offers enhanced features and choices to its parkers, especially the public transit commuters who are often on a parking hunt near their park-and-rides.