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White House is stepping forward from Cloud First to Cloud Smart strategies

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White-_House_-is-_stepping-_forward_-from-_Cloud-_First-_to-_Cloud-_Smart_-strategies-300x169 White House is stepping forward from Cloud First to Cloud Smart strategies
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With the White House news released of drafts pertaining to the cloud computing strategy of the government for the upcoming year plan, this Monday. The statement entitles “Cloud Smart,” and describes that it will help in the progress of the federal government’s adoption and its efforts. This new strategy is an updated version of the Obama administration’s policy the “Cloud First” which was initiated in the year 2010 to better reflect agencies with the existing technologies of today.

Nowadays the agencies enclose a better understanding and knowledge of the cloud, which will also include the benefits and challenges of updated cloud programming. This policy is working towards building upgrades on the already established Cloud First by confirming the technology used is actually fitting the mission or no and as well help in serving the trials attempted for the same. In comparison to the 2010 policy, the emphasized potential benefits of the cloud are exactly what is stressed by the Cloud Smart mission.

The document states that the revolution of an application from a traditional data centre to a virtualized infrastructure vendor is not enabled by automatic application scalability. It has an increased user demand. But the Cloud Smart attempts in focusing on how these applications are to be used to in meeting the mission by modernizing them. With the new Cloud Smart policy establishment of the workforce, procurement and security act as its main pillars of strategizing the three areas of the administration who work together for IT modernization.

Before the end of the term, OMB plans the upgradation of the host of policy documents which includes the management of data centres, high-value assets and the Trusted Internet Connection initiatives for establishing a secure network connection countrywide. They also plan towards issuing new guidance for reporting cyber security incidents to the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) from next month onwards.