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Wi-Fi Spectrum Band Will Not Be Shared

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Wi-Fi-Spectrum-Band-Will-Not-Be-Shared-300x129 Wi-Fi Spectrum Band Will Not Be SharedThe scandalous plan to launch a wireless network in the United States in part of an unlicensed band that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi use has been dropped by Globalstar, a satellite service provider. The network would hinder with them and efficiently privatize unlicensed spectrum is what the supporters of these technologies fear. In order to blend unlicensed and licensed spectrums, the Terrestrial Low-Power Service (TLPS) scheme from Globalstar is one of the numerous ideas announced this year. while some like the LTE is moving forward others were ruled out. Spectrum in a band subsequent to the 2.4GHz block of frequencies common to Bluetooth, microwave ovens, Wi-Fi, and several different technologies was been licensed by Globalstar. Because of the closeness of this band, part of the unlicensed band has been set aside to be a guard band in the United States. Wi-Fi was allotted all the spectrums in other countries as Globalstar will not be intrusive.


A land-based broadband service that will be like Wi-Fi but controlled by Globalstar was the initial idea. However, the company faced a strong crowd on the U.S. Federal Communications Commission even though its chairperson supported the idea. To operate a land-based wireless service in its own spectrum is all that the company is asking for.