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WiGig Is Finally Ready To Take Off

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WiGig-Is-Finally-Ready-To-Take-Off-300x129 WiGig Is Finally Ready To Take OffAn ultra-fast long-range network WiGig that is looking to become a reality has finally succeeded. A certification process for the WiGig products, which has the capability to go as fast as 8Gbps and can comprise high-speed office Wi-Fi zones and virtual reality headsets, has been launched by the Wi-Fi Alliance on Monday. The technology is based on IEEE 802.11ad, which is now being incorporated into some products was initially announced in 2009. It is very crucial for anyone investing in the networking gear and the WiGig logo also assure buyers that devices and networks from diverse vendors can work together out of the box.


Kevin Robinson, VP of marketing mentioned in a statement the WFA after taking over WiGig has made plans to launch it that very year but due to the technical challenges that are associated with the communication over extremely high frequency took some extra time. Until there is a board array to test the interoperability WFA has to wait. Tirias Research analyst Jim McGregor said in a statement convincing uses for WiGig’s low latency and high-speed have only begun to appear in the past year or so. He added this in many ways was a technology looking for an application as sometimes technology leads the application.