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Will Autonomous Cars Make You More Productive?

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Will-Autonomous-Cars-Make-You-More-Productive--300x129 Will Autonomous Cars Make You More Productive?We can get a lot more done when we don’t have to drive anymore is the hope that the self-driving cars are projecting. While taking a teenage learner to drive a parent can finish a big presentation and a couple of memos. A study determined that getting a cut in the driving time from the 62 percent of American’s daily routine i.e. about one hour is not going to make them more productive. Car sickness, flying gadgets, and unsafe seats are what is going to be the scenario while driving in a self-driving car.


In the US, Australia, Japan and the UK 20 percent of those who are questioned refused to drive a self-driving vehicle in a survey in 2014. This situation is getting worse as the number has increased to 37 percent this year. A little over 33 percent of the US population was given the opportunity to ride a self-driving vehicle said they are going to watch the road the whole time anyway. This number was highest in the UK. Apart from these numbers, the rest have agreed to make use of the little extra time for some task like 20 percent in China said they will test and gossip, 10.8 percent in the US said they will read and about 16 percent in India said they will actually work.