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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Has More Bugs Than Expected

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Windows-10-Anniversary-Update-Has-More-Bugs-Than-Expected-300x129 Windows 10 Anniversary Update Has More Bugs Than ExpectedThe Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary update released on the 2nd of this month turns out buggy. Users around the globe have reported bugs and crashes including system freeze, misbehaving browsers etc. after the windows 10 anniversary update. Even the Xbox one controller malfunctioned. And the decreased grace period of 30 days to 10 days to rollback to the previous version has exacerbated the matter.


It is familiar that every new software update will have some bug which will be fixed over time, but the anniversary update contains an unusual number of bugs. It is advised to roll back to the previous version as soon as possible if you are facing any hitches, but if not then you are probably good to go. No doubt the windows 10 is a solid OS and once the bugs are patched for the anniversary update will definitely improve the performance of your device. Microsoft will patch the bugs anyway.


Even though Microsoft works thoroughly with antivirus software developers but the McAfee and Avast developers cautioned users not to install a certain version of their software with the new update.


The issues with the OS started soon after the anniversary update was released on 2nd of this month. Despite the knowledge of the bugs such as the start menu glitch the company though promised but hasn’t released any fixes yet.