Windows 10 anniversary update now available for the Raspberry Pi 3

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Windows-10-anniversary-update-now-available-for-the-Raspberry-Pi-3-300x129 Windows 10 anniversary update now available for the Raspberry Pi 3The Raspberry Pi 3 developer board version of Windows 10 anniversary update is now available after Microsoft rolled out the Windows 10 anniversary version for PC. Users develop smart devices like drones, robots and other gadgets with Raspberry Pi 3 and the specific Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 3 is just a slimmed down version of the original Windows.


Microsoft said the update has new features, provides easier installation and also performance and application support enhancements. The update also fixed the speech-recognition issue and OS bugs in Raspberry Pi 3. The anniversary update will also work with Raspberry Pi 2, DragonBoard 410c and MinnowMax developer boards besides Raspberry Pi 3.


Microsoft has listed some interesting projects on its website such as a triggered door, facial recognition, Weather station etc. and some are already made by developers using the Windows Core and Raspberry Pi. Ubuntu and Raspbian are also compatible with Raspberry Pi 3.


Windows IoT Remote Client is a new feature which will allow remote access to Raspberry Pi 3 devices from PC or Smartphones. The IoTivity AllJoyn Device System Bridge will let the Raspberry Pi 3 to communicate with different smart home devices.