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Windows 10 Creator Update Released By Microsoft, This Time For Both PC and Mobile

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Windows-10-Creator-Update-Released-By-Microsoft-This-Time-For-Both-PC-and-Mobile-300x129 Windows 10 Creator Update Released By Microsoft, This Time For Both PC and MobileMicrosoft is rolling out a new test build only after a few days of releasing a Windows 10 Creators test build crowded with new updates and features. This time the update is for both PCs and Fast Ring Testers. Microsoft releasedto Fast Ring PC Insiders only the 15007 on January 12, on the heel of the 15002 update. For Windows 10 phone users who haven’t had a fresh Windows 10 test build in weeks,this new build has quite a few features. In order to enroll and discover capabilities for the Windows Hello Facial recognition, Microsoft has added a few features. There’savisual guidance for pursuing faces in real time plus an enhanced development indicator when signing in. users can pick up tasks where they left with the help of Cortana, which will display aquick link in the action center.


These links will take the users to the respective documents and Edge sites that they are recently been working on. Importing setting from other browsers to the edge and sharing the tabs will now be easier with the build 15007. Users can sign into Cortana with work or school accounts as an alternative of their Microsoft Accounts on Windows 10 Phones running 15007.  For setting different time-based Cortana reminders there are new options added.