Windows 10 Growth Decelerated With Free Upgrade Off The Table

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Windows-10-Growth-Decelerated-With-Free-Upgrade-Off-The-Table-300x129 Windows 10 Growth Decelerated With Free Upgrade Off The TableIt was anticipated for the growth of Windows 10 will drop once Microsoft closes the gateway of free upgrade that the company has provided as an introductory offer since one year. In August 0.13 and 0.15 is the percent gain in first two weeks respectively. This is the lowest in two consecutive weeks this year. Though this is the result of online activity not the actual number of users who are currently using the OS.


Users and business owners have to pay $110 and $200 to use the Windows 10 as a result of the termination of the free upgrade. The growth will come from companies who are looking for a transition from Windows 7 and of course the new PC buyers who want Windows 10 in their PCs, but either of this will not be a growth factor for short terms. The rest of the migrations are not expected to initiate any earlier than the end of 2016 apart from those few large organizations who have tasted the Windows 10 and also started the migration to this OS and for them to reach the peak is no less than 2017-2018.


The corporation is waiting till next year for the PC sales to go up as the consumers decline to refresh their aged hardware.