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Windows Anti-Exploit Tool Withdrawal Postponed by Microsoft

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Windows-Anti-Exploit-Tool-Withdrawal-Postponed-by-Microsoft-300x129 Windows Anti-Exploit Tool Withdrawal Postponed by MicrosoftThe EMET (Enterprise Mitigation Experience Toolkit) will be supported by Microsoft through July 2018 announced the company.  The extension is of year-and-a-half for anti-exploit utility. Remond Wash, the company dismissed EMET for being an older tool and commended customers for upgrading to Windows 10 arguing that the new operating system is ample more secure than prior editions when supplemented by EMET. Jeffrey Sutherland, a Microsoft principal program manager lead has written in a blog post that EMET hasn’t kept pace. Its efficiency beside modern exploit kits has not been established, particularly in contrast to the many security innovations built into Windows 10. Multiple masters EMET has served since its 2009 debut. Originally the EMET was developed for advanced Windows users and enterprises. Nevertheless, when ongoing attacks are discovered, Microsoft has rapidly started mentioning EMET to other customers.


Installing EMET has become an important layer of defense on your Windows endpoints is supposed to be clear by now said Peter Van Eeckhoutte Belgian security researcher. EMET won’t end every single abuse, but it does upsurge the cost for an attacker to hack a box.  During the last five years of its support life cycle, EMET was also susceptible to Windows XP users.