Wipro woos Staff with High Single-Digit Salary Increments

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Wipro-woos-Staff-with-High-Single-Digit-Salary-Increments Wipro woos Staff with High Single-Digit Salary IncrementsWipro, a Bengaluru, India-based information technology, consulting, and business process service provider, as per recent reports, has, effective Jun. 1st 2019, announced average salary increments in the high single digits.

Although these high single-digit average salary increments are for offshore employees located in India, onsite employees, primarily in the US and Europe, have received low-to-mid single digit salary hikes.

Furthermore, the Bengaluru-based Wipro has also announced special incentives for employees in its digital technology team – Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI). “There was a special focus on incentivizing and rewarding employees in early-career stage who are engaged in transformative and future-oriented technologies,” a Wipro spokesperson stated.

According to the people in the know, the company has announced a 6-8% increment for entry-level to five years’ experience employees. Furthermore, the company has announced “substantially higher” increment for high performers.

According to Saurabh Govil, Chief Human Resources Officer, Wipro, the industry is currently going through a different trend as more and more tech services companies are looking for professionals based on focused skills. Adding, Saurabh said that the biggest challenge right now would be to get the right talent for the job.

This past couple of years, Wipro has seen higher attrition, especially for 3-5 years experienced employees. The company’s current employee count – as on Mar. 31st, 2019 – stands at nearly 1.7 lakh employees, with a majority of these employees falling within the 1-5 years’ experience bracket.

The company’s move to offer special incentives follows the rising demand among its peers for employees with niche skills such as data science. Last year, in Dec. 2018, the company announced a special bonus for campus hires who have been with Wipro, like always.