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Wireless Charging In Laptops Introduced By Dell

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Wireless-Charging-In-Laptops-Introduced-By-Dell-300x129 Wireless Charging In Laptops Introduced By DellWireless charging is a part of the announcement that Intel made in 2014 that they want the laptops to be wireless. However, the technology, in particular, is quite slow while maturity is considered and hence it may be years before it actually takes off. According to the AirFuel Alliance’s emerging wireless PC charging standard, the Dell Latitude 7285 is the first PC with wireless charging. The Latitude is a 2-in-1 with a detachable screen and a keyboard base attached. The company as of now has no plans to theextent this technology to more devices. The reason behind this is technology is not mature enough to replace the wired charging and is quite slow as well. Even on the Latitude 7285 wired charging can be done via a USB-C type port and the wireless charging is just an optional feature.


For charging the device wirelessly, a specialized keyboard dock can be attached to a wireless charging mat same as in the case of a smartphone nowadays. The Latitude 7285 will be available at a price tag of $1,099 from June. The wireless Keyboard and charging mat will be sold additionally. It appears the Latitude 7285 is a pilot device for the company to monitor the response of the customers towards the new technology.