WISeKey & OpSec collaborate on Brand Protection & Authentication of IoT Eco-Systems

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WISeKey-OpSec-collaborate-on-Brand-Protection-Authentication-of-IoT-Eco-Systems WISeKey & OpSec collaborate on Brand Protection & Authentication of IoT Eco-SystemsWISeKey International Holding Ltd., a leading global cybersecurity firm, as per a recent press release statement on Tuesday, Mar. 5th 2019, entered into a strategic partnership agreement with OpSec Security, a global leader in fighting counterfeits. As per the deal, both entities will work together to fuse in their respective technologies into a global platform.

OpSec’s authentication technologies will be integrated into the WISeKey PKI (public key infrastructure) and IoT (internet of things) platform. The integrated offering will assist IoT users with the authentication process of IoT products by utilizing the WISeKey Semiconductors tags, which are based on WISeKey’s NanoSeal & VaultIC154 NFC secure element technology. These semiconductor tags can be scanned by NFC enabled smart-phones, enabling users to authenticate, track, and confirm the identity of the product on a blockchain ledger.

In addition, OpSec’s InSightTM platform will be integrated with WISeKey solutions, to empower brands to increase their cybersecurity and pave way for new and unique consumer engagement opportunities utilizing the NFC microchip tech & PKI.

According to Richard S. Cremona, CEO of OpSec, the said strategic partnership agreement with WISeKey matches and complements their technology platform and business model.  Combining WISekey’s PKI and Digital Authentication capabilities with OpSec’s InSight platform will enable them to deliver the ability to fight fraudulent products, enabling brands to safeguard their revenues and reputation in this digitally-enabled world.